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Saver Plus

Why pay extra for antenatal cover when you’re not planning a baby? Or fork out for renal dialysis when your kidneys are fine? If you’re young, fit and healthy, you should look at our Saver Plus cover. It’s got all the important things – like hospital, dental and chiro – and none of the things you’d only pay for and never use.

Hospital Cover

You can be treated as a private patient in both a public and private hospital for the services that are covered. For services that are restricted, you can only be treated as a private patient in a public hospital. For services that are excluded, no benefits are payable.

What’s Covered
Restricted Coverage
(Public Hospital)
What’s Not Covered
Treatment for Accidents

Removal of Tonsils & Adenoids

Appendicitis treatment

Wisdom teeth

Arthroscopy + colonoscopy

Shoulder reconstruction

Knee reconstructions

Dental surgery

Prosthetic Appliances

Early Release Home Nursing

Palliative care

Podiatry Surgery

Pregnancy and birth related services

Cardiac and cardiac related services

Psychiatric services

Rehabilitation treatment

Assisted Reproductive services (IVF, etc)

Bariatric surgery

Major eye surgery

Renal dialysis

Spinal surgery

Cosmetic surgery

Major joint replacement

Services where Medicare does not pay a benefit


Extras Cover – 65% back

Saver Plus provides you with cover for the essential extras services. You get 65% back on the following services up to the annual limit each year. For extras cover, the benefit year is 1 July to 30 June.

Service   Annual Limit
(per person)
Waiting Period (months)
General Dental/Major Dental For all Australian Dental Association (ADA) services covered under the Navy Health Fund Rules. $600 2/12
Optical Single vision lens + frame
Bifocal / Multifocal lens + frame
Contact lenses
$200 6
Initial Consultation
Subsequent Consultation
Group Session
Chiropractic X-rays
 $300 (up to $600 per family)  2
Natural Therapies Natural therapies include Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Exercise Physiology, Homeopathy, Myotherapy, Naturopathy, Remedial Massage/Therapy, Western Herbal Therapy. Benefits are not payable on any prescribed medications, herbal or dietary preparations, or weight reduction programs. $200 (up to $400 per family) 2
Non-PBS Pharmacy Navy Health pays 65% of the difference between cost of the prescription and set cost of the PBS, up to the benefit maximum per prescription. The patient pays the cost up to the PBS. Benefits are only payable for legal prescriptions or vaccinations filled by a pharmacist operating in a private practice.Benefits are not payable for medicines prescribed under the PBS. $200 2



This level of hospital cover essentially provides coverage of all procedures, except for the following:

  • Reproductive Services
  • Bariatric surgery
  • Back surgery
  • Major eye surgery
  • Kidney dialysis
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Major joint replacement
  • Services where Medicare does not pay a benefit

Hospital Excess

The excess applies to the cost of in-patient hospitalisation in either a private, public or day hospital facility. Excess payments do not apply to hospital admissions for dependants.

For singles, the excess is only payable once in any rolling 12 month period (once the excess is paid in full). From the day you go into hospital, Navy Health will not charge another excess for  a minimum of 12 months.

For families, the excess is payable per admission up to the family maximum of 2 admissions, in any rolling 12 month period.

For example, if Mary goes to hospital whilst covered under Saver Plus, an excess of $500 is payable. If within twelve months of paying the excess, Mary’s husband Joe goes into hospital, the $500 excess is to be paid again. For any subsequent hospitalisations in the same rolling 12 month period, no excess is payable.

Transferring from Another Health Insurer

Transferring is easy – simply advise us of your previous health insurer and if you have had cover at an equivalent or higher level than the one you are transferring to at Navy Health you will not have any waiting periods. If you are transferring to a higher cover with Navy Health (with more services covered also) you may have to wait to claim on these however we will continue to cover you at the existing level until you have served those waiting periods. Find out more

Waiting Periods

Hospital benefits are payable after two months of membership on the selected level of cover, excluding any waiting periods for pre-existing conditions. Maternity (or admissions related to the management of) attracts a 12 month waiting period at the selected level of cover.

For pre-existing conditions, hospital benefits will not be payable for the first 12 months of membership for any illness, ailment or condition, the signs or symptoms of which were known, or which a medical or para-medical practitioner appointed by the company considers, after examining information furnished by the member’s practitioner, and other material relevant to a claim for benefits, were in existence in the member or his/her dependant at any time during the six months preceding the commencement or transfer date.

Psychiatric, Rehabilitative and Palliative Care are not subject to pre-existing condition rules.

This is irrespective of whether the member or dependant was aware of the pre-existing illness, ailment or condition, and includes all proposed elective or cosmetic procedures. Find out more

Extras services are subject to the waiting periods highlighted in the table above.

Ambulance Cover

100% of the fee for all ambulance services within Australia provided that the service is from a State/Territory registered ambulance service.

Health + Care Program

If you elect to leave hospital early to recover at home, provided it is considered medically appropriate, you may be eligible to receive a range of support services in your home.

Find an extras provider

To find your nearest ancillary provider please go to the Provider Search

More Information

For more detailed information regarding this cover please telephone Navy Health on 1300 306 289.

Please ensure that when you are accepted as a member of Navy Health that you read and retain all information sent to you regarding your membership.

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