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General Information

This search facility is designed to inform you of doctors who have previously participated or have indicated their intention to participate in , as well as those who have agreed to alternative no gap arrangements. Patients are advised to be guided by the referral process initiated by their own doctor. Where you have been referred to a doctor and that doctor’s name does not appear on this search facility, you should check with your doctor as to whether they would use for you.
The inclusion or exclusion of doctors within this search facility bears no relationship to their skill or experience. The autonomous relationship between you and your doctor will not be affected in any way. does not recommend or endorse any doctors.
Doctors’ details contained in this search facility are supplied to assist you in making an informed decision when being referred to, or receiving treatment from a doctor as an in-patient in an approved hospital or day hospital facility.


Please Note
  • Doctors are free to choose whether they will participate in on a patient by patient basis. This decision remains solely with the doctor.
  • If the doctor appears on this search facility, it does not automatically guarantee that the doctor will participate in in relation to your treatment.
  • Some doctors have arrangements at particular hospitals. Ask your doctor whether they will use in the hospital of your choice.
  • Out-of-pocket expenses may vary from patient to patient. Please ask your doctor if you will have anything to pay.
  • Your doctor may have never used in the past but may be willing to use it for you, therefore they will not currently appear in this search facility. Ask your doctor if they will participate in in relation to your treatment.
  • reserves the right to refuse benefits to providers who do not adhere to the Business Guidelines.
  • Some doctors who may not appear in this search facility may also offer services with no gap. Please check with your doctor.


Ask your doctor the following questions:
  1. Would you treat me under my fund’s arrangements?
  2. Will I incur any personal out of pocket expenses for my treatment and if so, can you give me a written estimate of how much?
  3. Will any assisting doctors also use ?
  4. Are you prepared to send the bill to my fund directly, so that they can claim my Medicare benefit on my behalf and send the payment back to you?



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