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Frequently Asked Questions


Joining Navy Health

Eligibility to join Navy Health and how to transfer from another health insurer.

Defence Members

Serving members and discharging personnel – what you need to consider.

Paying your Membership

All information relating to paying your membership.

Government Initiatives

The Federal Government Rebate, Medicare Levy Surcharge and Lifetime Health Cover.

Waiting Periods & Pre-existing Conditions

Waiting periods and pre-existing conditions and how they may affect your benefit entitlements when you join.

Suspending your Membership

How you go about suspending your membership for a set period of time.

Cover Enquiries

Changing your cover – adding dependants, adding new born children, getting a DVA gold card and more.

Hospital Excesses

How do the excesses work on Hospital cover?

Customer Service

Our commitment to you – providing feedback (positive or negative) so we can improve our service to all members.

Member Benefit Statements

Why did you receive a statement and what does it mean?

Deceased Estates

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