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Hospital Cover

Navy Health offers a variety of hospital cover options to follow you and your family through all of life’s stages.


+ Premium Hospital/NT Hospital

Premium Hospital/NT Hospital cover provides members with the benefits of up to 100% hospital cover at over 490 private hospitals, day hospital facilities and recognised public hospitals throughout Australia.


+ Core Hospital

Core Hospital cover is the a great compromise between coverage and price. Hospital cover comes with your choice of a $200 or $500 excess.


+ Saver Hospital

If you’re young, fit and healthy, and looking for simple private hospital cover, take a look at our Saver Hospital cover. It’s got all the important things covered in a private hospital – like treatment for accidents, wisdom teeth, knee reconstruction and more.


+ Saver Plus

Why pay extra for antenatal cover when you’re not planning a baby? Or fork out for renal dialysis when your kidneys are fine? If you’re young, fit and healthy, you should look at our Saver Plus cover. It’s got all the important things – like hospital, dental and chiro – and none of the things you’d only pay for and never use.


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