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Australian Defence Force Health Insurance for Serving Families & Reservists

ADF family health cover can be confusing. Navy Health understands the special needs of ADF families and provides a range of health cover options to suit serving families, reservists and ex-serving families.

There are even reduced premiums for serving families and active reservists.

Military Families + Partners
Information on the membership options to cover your family, partner or children whilst you are a serving member of the ADF.
Lower Premiums for Serving Personnel
Did you know that Navy Health offers lower premiums to serving personnel who are covering their families, partner or children?
Discharging from the ADF
Ready to discharge? All the information you need to know in relation to your existing or new Navy Health cover is in here.
Lower Premiums for Active Reservists
Active ADF Reservists can receive discounted premiums from Navy Health.
DVA Gold Card
There are special rules for DVA Gold Card holders and information to make sure you are aware of how the card affects your membership.
Lifetime Health Cover + ADF
When you are serving, all medical costs are met by the Commonwealth but what happens when you discharge? This section discusses the implications of Lifetime Health Cover and if you may be subject to a loading upon discharge.
Lifetime Eligiblity
Now that you have been eligible to join Navy Health, you and your family can now join in their own right at anytime in the future

Don’t forget that if you are a currently serving member, you may also be entitled to access the ADF Family Health program which can be used in conjunction with any private health insurance you have.

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