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waiting periods

Waiting periods for extras items are detailed on the website and in the health cover brochure. They need to be read carefully in conjunction with the conditions of the selected cover.

Hospital benefits are payable after two months of membership on the selected level of cover, excluding pre-existing conditions.

Maternity (or admissions related to the management of) and IVF procedures attract a 12 month waiting period at the selected level of cover.

If you transfer to a higher level of cover new waiting periods will be applied, however benefits at the previous level will still be available whilst the new waiting periods are being served.

Transfers between or from products containing a lesser level or predetermined excess will result in additional waiting periods being applied. Any excess applicable to a higher excess product from which a member is transferring will continue to be applied for a period of up to 12 months after transfer. Dependants are required to complete waiting periods of the same length as members.

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