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My Pregnancy Program

Looking for personal care and support during and after your pregnancy?

Whether this is your first or subsequent pregnancy, we understand that every pregnancy is individual and you may require reassurance, guidance and support.

Our pregnancy program is provided by an accredited health care provider and one of our associate providers, Home Support Services (HSS).  By enrolling in the program you will have access to a Midwifery Support line from 9am-5pm AEST and will receive five calls from a HSS Midwife. The HSS Midwife will follow you through your pregnancy and in the first early weeks following birth using telephone coaching.

The program is available to all members with Premium Hospital, Healthy Hospital 200/500, NT Hospital or NT Hospital 300 and comes at no additional cost to you, as part of your cover.

Overview of the five calls:

Call 1: Initial introductory call – approximately 12 weeks gestation

This call will:

  • Introduce the member to the HSS Midwife
  • Provide a brief outline of the program
  • Outline key contact details
  • Discuss general maternal wellbeing

Call 2: 12 – 32 weeks gestation

This call will focus on:

  • General maternal wellbeing
  • Ongoing management/appointments
  • Preparations (i.e. work cessation, family supports, equipment etc.)
  • Other family members’ feelings/management

Call 3: between 32 and 34 weeks

This call will focus on:

  • Checking that the member is having regular appointments with obstetrician/midwife/GP
  • Identifying any antenatal or postnatal concerns
  • Asking about family/friend supports leading up to and post the birth
  • Discussing the birthing plan
  • Identifying the birthing hospital and note if Domiciliary Registered Midwife (RM) provides postnatal visits 

Call 4: approximately 3 days post Hospital Domiciliary RM visit

This call will take place following the birth of the child and discussions will include:

  • Infant and maternal wellbeing
  • An opportunity to talk about the birth
  • Supports and home routine
  • Discuss feeding/sleeping routine/goals
  • Confirm six-week appointment postnatal obstetric and pediatric appointments

Call 5: up to 7 days after call 4

This call will re-discuss all aspects of call 4, as well as confirm that all necessary community supports are in place for ongoing assistance as required.

To enrol in the My Pregnancy program, please download, read and complete the enrolment form and submit it via the form or scan and email it to



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