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Member Benefit Statements

Why have I received this statement when I didn’t request one?

1. If you have viewed the Member Benefit Statement online, our system is set up to automatically generate one to your registered email address

2. If you have had a medical or hospital episode in the past 12 months, it may be because Navy Health has just received and paid the account. If so, this is statement is generated to members to inform them.


I have not received the money that the statement says has been paid?

The statement outlines medical and hospital episodes that Navy Health has received a bill for. The funds were paid directly to the hospital or the medical practitioner. If you have also paid money directly to the hospital or medical provider you will need to contact the hospital or medical provider to seek a refund of the monies you have paid. You can also call Navy Health on 1300 306 289 for assistance.


Some or all of the services on this statement where not conducted/provided to me?

Please contact Navy Health on 1300 306 289 for further assistance


Do I have to pay anything?

This is not a bill/invoice. It is a notification to alert members to what has been paid on their behalf. If you dispute anything on this notification please contact Navy Health.


What do the fields on the statement mean?

View the Member Benefit Statement – please note the definitions have been added and will not appear on your statement.



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