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Discharging from the ADF

If you are considering taking out Navy Health private health cover when you are discharging from the ADF, there are a number of things you should consider.


Waiting Periods & Pre-existing Conditions

If you join Navy Health within 90 days of discharge and back-date your membership to the day of discharge, you will not have to serve any waiting periods and you will not be subject to any pre-existing condition rules.

So, no matter your reason for discharge, by joining within 90 days, you will be able to claim immediately on all services.

If you are an existing member of Navy Health, you will not have to serve any waiting periods or be subject to pre-existing conditions, as long as you add yourself to the family or partner’s membership within 90 days of discharge.


Discharging Navy Health Members

If you currently have your family, partner or children covered with Navy Health and are preparing for discharge, you simply need to notify Navy Health in writing via email or post (PO Box 172, Box Hill VIC 3128) and advise the following:

  • Discharge date
  • Method of payment for future payments if you currently pay your premiums via ADF payroll deduction (Direct debit from nominated account or invoice).
  • If you are an eligible Reservist you may be entitled to a premium discount. For more information see Reservists . If you are eligible, please complete and return the Reservist Declaration form via email or post.

We will then arrange for you to be added to the membership from your discharge date and arrange for new membership cards and other relevant information to be sent to you.

It is best to arrange your membership approximately one month from discharge, as this will ensure that you have all of the information and membership cards ready from that day of discharge.

Navy Health may ask you for official documentation that details your service status/periods (if required), to determine any LHC or waiting periods that may be applicable.


ADF Transition Seminars

Navy Health will be present at all Transition Seminars throughout the year. At the seminars, a presentation on Health Cover and the Public Hospital System will be conducted plus the opportunity to ask questions will exist throughout the tradeshow period. We look forward to seeing you at the seminars before you discharge.

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