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Lifetime Health Cover and the ADF

Health care costs of serving members are met by the Commonwealth until the date of discharge. This is regarded as the equivalent of private health insurance and as such, no Lifetime Health Cover penalty will apply to members for the period they were serving members of the ADF.

There is a requirement that discharged ADF personnel should consider taking out private health cover immediately after discharge to avoid any possible Lifetime Health Cover penalties or the reduction of Days without Private Hospital Cover.

It is important to consider the following information (from

If you are a member of the Australian Defence Forces (ADF) your medical services are provided by the ADF, so you are considered to have hospital cover.

If you discharge from the ADF after the 1st of July following your 31st birthday, you have 1094 days to join a health insurer and still pay the base rate premium (this is the same 1094 period of absence allowed to people with private hospital cover, as discussed in ‘Who pays LHC’).

If you discharge from the ADF before the 1st of July following your 31st birthday, then the normal rules apply.

To calculate your LHC loading (if any) go to the Government’s Private Health Insurance website or telephone Navy Health 1300 306 289.



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