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DVA Gold Card Holders

Members who are, or become, Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) Gold Card holders have the option of retaining, cancelling or modifying their cover with Navy Health.

Where a member chooses to cancel or remove themselves from the membership, they should advise Navy Health in writing of the DVA Gold Card number and issue date. The cover will then be cancelled or modified from the date Navy Health receives this information.

The person holding the DVA Gold Card may then reapply for membership to Navy Health at anytime without waiting periods or penalties as their health cover had previously been met by the DVA.

If a member chooses to retain their coverage whilst holding a DVA Gold Card, benefits will be paid on out-of-pocket expenses incurred after the DVA payment, however the benefit must not exceed the total charge or the Navy Health benefits and annual limits.

If the card holder has Premium Hospital coverage, Navy Health will pay the supplement benefit for a private room in a private hospital, as DVA already cover the cost of a shared ward.

Any person who has previously held a DVA Gold Card is entitled to join Navy Health without serving any waiting periods, within 90 days of the ceasing of the Gold Card. Proof of previous DVA Gold Card status is required.

For more information regarding DVA Gold Card holders and Navy Health membership, please contact Navy Health on 1300 306 289 or via email.

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