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Q: What covers do you have?

Navy Health has a simple and easy to understand range of health insurance covers.  From the highest possible coverage with Premium Hospital and Premium Extras, down to Saver Plus or Basic Extras, which provide simple and exceptional value. You are free to take out a hospital only cover, extras only cover, a combination of both, or choose Saver Plus which includes a little hospital plus extras.

Hospital Cover
Extras Cover
Premium Hospital / NT Hospital Premium Extras
  Healthy Living Extras
Mid Core Hospital  
Basic-Mid Saver Plus
 Saver Hospital Basic Extras


Q: Why do I need private health cover?

Private health cover gives you choices. So whether you want to choose your doctor, choose your hospital or choose when your procedures are performed, private health insurance will give you that freedom.


Q: Can’t I just rely on the public system?

You can, and many people do. That’s why waiting lists can be so long in many public hospitals. If you want your procedure performed when it suits you by the doctor of your choice, you’ll need to be in the private system.

In addition, depending on your income the Federal Government may be penalising you for not having private hospital cover through the Medicare Levy Surcharge. And if you’re over 30, you may be subject to a Lifetime Health Cover loading.


Q: What if I don’t get sick?

Even if you’re a healthy person, private health insurance has many benefits. With General Treatment (extras) cover you can claim benefits on services that Medicare doesn’t typically cover, such as dental, optical, physio, and natural therapies. For a healthy person, Extras cover is insurance you’ll actually use!


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