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Cover Queries


Do you have a Cooling Off period for new members?

Yes, we will allow any health member who has not yet made any claim to cancel their policy and receive a full refund of any premiums paid within a period of 30 days from the commencement of their policy.


Can I change my level of cover at anytime?

Yes you can.  Just call 1300 306 289 and a Member Services team member will be able to assist you. However, please be aware that if upgrading your level of cover, some waiting periods may apply.


How do I change my level of cover?

Changes to health membership details such as changing your cover, and applications or changes to a direct debit authority require your signature, so they will all need to be submitted in writing. Please contact us on  1300 306 289 and we will be able to provide you with the appropriate form for you to complete, sign and return.

You can add dependents either in writing or through our Online Member Services.

In relation to newborn babies, to ensure your new addition has full coverage, it is important to inform us of the happy event, within two months of the birth.


Who is an eligibile dependent?


A dependant is defined as a child, legally adopted child or stepchild who is unmarried and who has not attained the age of 22 years.

Student Dependant

A student dependant is defined as a child, legally adopted child or stepchild who is under the age of 25 and not married or in a defacto relationship, and who is pursing a fund approved fulltime course of study at school, college or university.


Is my 22-year old dependant child still able to be covered under our family health cover?

If a non student dependant takes up any extras cover within 30 days of being ineligible to continue under a parent’s membership, Navy Health will allow the dependant to retain the hospital cover provided under the existing family membership until they attain 25 years of age, marry, or enter into a defacto relationship.

Continuity of hospital cover, at an equivalent level of cover to that carried over from a parent’s membership will be provided when the dependant seeks cover in their own right provided the parent’s membership is still current and cover is activated within 30 days of being ineligible for inclusion under a parent’s membership. A dependant can take up membership in their own right at any time after being ineligible to continue under their parent’s cover, however some waiting periods may apply unless membership is taken up within 30 days.


What happens if I am considering parent-hood but am on a hospital cover that excludes pregnancy?

You should change your cover as soon as possible to a family version and one that includes obstetrics benefits.  A 12 month waiting period apples for all services relating to pregnancy and childbirth.


I have been issued a DVA card – should I remain on the membership?

Members who are or become Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) Gold Card holders have the option of retaining or cancelling  their cover with Navy Health.

Where a member chooses to retain their coverage, benefits will be paid on out-of-pocket costs incurred after the DVA payment, however the benefit must not exceed the total charge or the Navy Health benefits and annual limits. Where a member with a DVA Gold Card has Top Hospital coverage, Navy Health will pay the supplement (top up) benefit for a private room in a private hospital, as DVA already cover the cost of a shared ward.

Where a member chooses to cancel their coverage, they must advise Navy Health in writing of the DVA Gold Card number and issue date. The cover will be cancelled from the date Navy Health receives written notification. The person holding the DVA Gold Card may then re-apply for membership to Navy Health without waiting periods or penalties, as their health cover needs have been met by the DVA.

Any person who has previously held a DVA Gold Card is entitled to join Navy Health without serving any waiting periods. Proof of previous DVA Gold Card status is required.

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