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ADF Members


Why aren’t serving members covered on the policy?

Serving members of the ADF have all their hospital and medical expenses provided and paid for by the ADF. Therefore, our Defence-based premiums only allow for the spouse/partner and children of serving ADF members to be covered under that type of membership.

Traditionally a serving member of the ADF does not need to worry about private insurance until such time as they are discharged.

If a serving member wishes to supplement the cover provided to him/her by the ADF, they are able to take out cover with Navy Health at any time during the course of their ADF service. The premium payable would be the Civilian rate. Certain waiting periods would also apply. Single serving members of the ADF are also eligible for membership under these conditions if they choose.


How do I transfer to Civilian cover on my discharge?

You will need to notify Navy Health once you know a definite discharge date and the date of your final allotment to Navy Health as a member of the ADF.

If you have a existing membership for your dependants and you want to be included on that cover you need to complete a new application form and advise us of how you wish to make your future payments.

Once your allotment has actually ceased we will adjust the membership and confirm the new membership details in writing.

When transferring to an existing family membership, the ex-serving member does not incur any waiting periods as long as you apply for cover within 90 days of discharge.

For the single ADF member seeking cover for the first time, Navy Health will waive all waiting periods provided you apply for cover within 90 days of discharge. As there can be no gap in cover from the time of discharge, membership will need to be backdated to the first day of civilian life.

Ex-serving members can apply for membership at any time during their lifetime however waiting period concessions are usually only applied if membership is taken up within the specified period.

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